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 Things you might not know, but probably should

Did You Know.....?

10 Things you might not be aware of but probably should be


More and more of the larger website development companies out source most or all of there work over seas.

Large website design firms are notorious for out sourcing most if not all of there work to countries such as India, who charges the company pennies on the dollar for what they charge their clients.  In most instances there clients do not even know that the work was not done by the company they hired to do the work. 


We Receive calls on a daily basis from over seas companies that are nothing but computer sweatshops, that pay their workers very little for the work they do.  When we receive these calls the terms they ask for is 50% of the profits and we will receive full credit for the project.

  • Core Three Website Solutions does not and will not out source any work over seas.  It is Very Rare that we have any need to out source any of our work and only do so if something comes a long that we do not have the resources to handle.

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