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 Things you might not know, but probably should

Did You Know.....?

10 Things you might not be aware of but probably should be

Many people, companies, and even website developers are unaware of the fact that a website can actually lose ranking or even be blocked by a search engine if certain things are done incorrectly or a code is put in wrong.  Sometimes a person or developer will try to trick a search engine with hidden codes to try and help there websites ranking.  Most of the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo know about these tricks and will penalize your site for having these codes in your site.  There are actually more ways to lose a ranking in a search engine then there are to gain popularity in a search engine.


  • Core Three Website Solutions constantly keeps track of what it is that Google and other search engines are doing or changes they make that can cause a site to lose ranking.  This helps us to be aware of the things we should and should not do when designing a website or optimize a website.

4.  If Designed wrong a website can actually lose ranking.

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