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 Things you might not know, but probably should

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10 Things you might not be aware of but probably should be

Like that of a repair man, website design and hosting companies can easily take advantage of what you do not know.  For instance a hosting company may offer several gigabytes (1000 megabytes) worth of space for your hosting account for what seems like penny's on the dollar, however what they fail to tell you is that the data base required for most large websites will be limited to a few mega bytes. 


First things first, Most standard websites only use a minimal amount of space on a server.  Our largest brochure style website at Core Three Website solutions only uses around 40 megabytes.   The only sites that would come near a gigabyte would be a large database driven website, and if a hosting company limits the amount of space on a database then you will end up having to pay a lot of money for more database usage (this is how these companies such as and 1and1 make money and are able to promise the world for very little money, but you need to read the fine print.).  Some hosting and design companies don't even offer the use of databases.


These hosting companies also know that without unlimited use of there databases there is no way most websites will even reach 100 megabytes let alone thousands of them.  Chances are if you even got half of the quota allowed to you, you would be turned off for over usage.  These companies would quickly go out of business if even one percent of their hosted websites reached their full limit of allowed space, because of the electricity needed alone for a site that large.



  • Core Three will never take advantage of our clients.  We encourage our clients to check out the facts and research what ever they can, so that they are assured they get what they pay for and then some.

9.  Many hosting and design companies take advantage of what you do not know.

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