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The Core 3 of Proper Website Design

The Three core aspects of developing a professional website

When Developing a Professional web-site we use the "Core 3" as a standard guide during the entire web-site development process. 

The Core Three are defined as 1. The Client  2. The end user or website visitor  3. Search Engines.
To Break it down here are the aspects that are part of each of the "Core 3"

1.  Our Clients - First and foremost the client's needs are used as a primary guide in the development of a website.

    • Does the web-site Meet our clients needs?
    • Does the web-site reflect who our client is as a business, corporation, or organization?
    • Does the web-site include all of the areas the client wanted in their web-site?
    • Will our client be 150% satisfied with the finished project?

2. The end user or web-sites visitor - We want to be sure that your website's visitors enjoy there experience visiting your web-site and will return in the future.

    • Will the web-site look professional to the user?
    • Will they want to return in the future?
    • Is the web-site user friendly?
    • Is the web-site easy for the visitor to navigate through?
    • Are the web-sites visitors finding all they came for?
    • Will the web-site catch the visitors eyes over that of the clients competitors web-site?
    • Will the visitor refer the site and your business to other people and companies?

3.  Search Engines - With our the third of the core three, search engines, a website wouldn't be very effective on the internet.  No matter how great your website may look and how user friendly it is, if no one can find it, then your website will get you and your business no where.

    • Is the website search engine friendly?
    • Are the correct Meta tags in place?
    • Are pictures and other graphics optimized for search engines?
    • Does the website's wording contain proper keywords and keyphrases?
    • Is the websites page names and titles search engine friendly?
    • Is there any part of the website that search engines may not like?
    • Does the site utilize H1, H2, and H3 tags in it's content?
Balancing the "Core 3" aspects in a website's design project, professionally and effectively, so that our clients are getting the most out of their website is the "Core" component in how we will design and develop your new website.
With Core 3 not only will you get our guarantee of a professional, user friendly website, while using the 3 core aspects of our design process, you also won't need to pay an arm and a leg to have a professional website developed for your business. 
Core Three Website Solutions' prices are far lower than that of other professional design and development companies.
We also charge by the project and not by the hour like other website design companies and developers do.  This way you know what you are getting is what you are paying for, not what they say your getting.
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