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We have a solution for any of your website needs.

We develop our websites with the three core aspects of website design in mind,  The Client, The Websites' Visitors, and Search Engines.

Your website not only represents your business, but also represents our business.

    •  We take pride in your web site - 

      Core three web site solutions takes great pride in the look and feel of the web sites they develop.  A lot of designers and design companies look at a website as just another web site, Core Three Website Solutions looks at your web-site as a piece of art, completely unique from your competition and customized to meet your clients needs. 

      Your Opinion Matters -

      One of the core 3 aspects that represent us as a design company is that our clients needs come first.  When we develop a website for a client we welcome feedback.  If you have an Idea as to how we can better your website or even better serve our clients we encourage you to let us know and we will do all we can to satisfy you, our client.
    • The Core 3 Strategy -

      Core three web site solutions understands that there is far more to a web site than just web presence.  If a web site is not developed correctly using the core three a companies web site can actually do more harm than good.  If the Website is not easy to navigate or is not pleasing to the eyes it may actually turn away potential customers and clients; If a web site is not developed with the search engines in mind a web site may actually lose ranking within search engines, if the search engine even lists them.
    • We Price By the Job -

      While most web-site design companies and other independent web-site designers charge their clients by the hour, at Core Three web-site solutions we choose to only charge by the project.  We feel like this gives us an upper hand over the competition since our clients know what they are paying for.  When a person is forced to pay by the hour what's to say they are really getting what they are paying for.  (a five min task can easily turn into a two to three hour task on paper or can be dragged out so that they can charge you more.)

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