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Why use Core 3 for your hosting

6 Reasons to use core three for your website host.

1. Host Unlimited Domains- 

Most hosting companies will Limit the number of domains they allow you to use.  Core 3 won't limit the number of domains hosted on your hosting account.  You can even have multiple websites on a single hosting account.

2. Unlimited Sub Domains- 

You can have as many sub domains for your website as you need.

3. 99.9% uptime guarantee- 

Website owners need to know that their website will be accessible around the clock which is why Core 3 Website Solutions backs its service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  Even in the event of a power failure our servers will keep running with the use of a backup generator.

4. Reliable Hosting- 

Core Three only uses the highest quality server hardware & components. This becomes apparent when in comparison with other hosting providers, our servers are fast, reliable, and 100% supported.

5. Cpanel controls- 

Core Three uses the top control panels available offering an easy to use interface, with incuded tutorials.

6. Completely supported- 

All of our hosting plans come with unlimited hosting support. 

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