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We have a solution for any of your website needs.

Q:  What are the benefits of a website maintenance contract?



  • The main benefit is the commitment we make to you to supply our services when they are required within an agreed timeframe.

  • Discounts for hours brought and subsequent hours required. The more hours you purchase from us the bigger the discount.

  • An ongoing relationship with us means that we are part of your team, understanding how your website and business operates.

  • Less paper work and hassle without multiple service orders & quotations

Q:  What web page languages & technologies are you able to maintain?



We have the resources to maintain websites built using many languages. Some of the popular languages are HTML, SQL, PHP, ASP, VBScript, JSP, JavaScript, XML, Flash ActionScript, Flash.

Q:  Do I Need a Website Maintenance Plan?


A:  We highly recomend a maintenance plan for all of our clients.  This can save you a lot of money, time, and keep you assured that everything is running smoothly with your website and programs.  A website service and maintenance plan is not required, however even if you do not plan to use it much, consider it "assurance" for your website.  We get calls on a daily basis from clients needing technichal assistance on issue like e-mail clients such as outlook, program instructions, and other technical related issues; as well as training, such as ways to help your website gain ranking within the search engines.  This Technical support and Training is provided as part of the maintenance package.  Hourly charges apply to those which do not have maintenance plans. 


What is the minimum term for a website maintenance agreement contract?


A:  Due to the Large discount provided by our maintenance packages, a one year service contract is required.  Short term contracts are available if needed on certain packages and custom maintenance packaging.  Contact Us for details.


How do I know how many hours our website will need?


A:  If you are unsure of the time needed to make required updates each month please contact us and describe the typical updates your website requires. If you have updates that are required on a daily basis simply estimate the time required and contact us for a custom package for your needs.


I have run out of hours for this month, what happens now?


A:  When additional time is required we will notify you with the cost, including contracted discount for subsequent hours.


What happens on weekends?



Depending on your contract's 'Schedule preference', updates required before Monday must be received no later than mid-day Saturday. We only undertake work on Sundays in extreme circumstances.

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